Welcome to the Bengal Stud List

Welcome to the UK Bengal Stud Cat List

Brown Spotted Bengal Stud


Welcome to the UK Bengal Cat Stud List.  This site has been created to help owners of registered Bengal Queens find a suitable mating partner for their Bengal cat.  We understand that it is not possible for all breeders to own their own stud due to a variety of constraints, typically, cost, noise, smell, accommodation & the inability to fulfil the stud's demand for queens.

With all this in mind, if the owner of a queen wants to hear the patter of tiny feet and experience the joys of a litter of kittens being born and develop, then they will require the use of a Bengal stud cat.
On the other hand, it may be that a breeder has a Bengal stud cat of their own, but requires the use of another stud cat to introduce new lines into their breeding program, or they may wish to breed for certain traits and facets.  Whatever, the reason, if you are in need of a Bengal Stud boy, then we hope this site can help you.

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